Building A Fabulous Lifestyle

Where we started and where we are today are as different as night and day. It is not by chance. It is not by luck. We had specific goals for the life we wanted for our family, and we are achieving them!

Many people live their lives letting things happen instead of making things happen. They dream of vacations they never take, of time that is always too short, and of money they don't have because they feel stuck in their situtation.

Life is about choices and decisions we make. 

Creating Physical Fitness

Our bodies are meant to last us a lifetime, yet most people don't take the proper care to go the distance. Many people spend their lives sacrificing their health to make money and in their old age end up spending their money to recuperate their health.

At Fit2Fab we have a better way. Creating physical fitness starts with the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle. But you can't make that commitment until you have an understanding of what it will take. At Fit2Fab we educate, coach, and support our clients in making choices and building new behaviors that will set them on a lifetime of health and wellness. 

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Building Financial Fitness

Recent financial reports from the market are filled with gloom and doom. And while your reward for graduating high school and/or college is 45 years of work toward someone else's dream, at Fit2Fab we know there is a better way. 

Instead of waiting for the rain to build your ark, or in plain terms, waiting for disaster to strike with your career or health, join us in our journey to build residual income that will secure time and financial freedom for you and your family.

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David & Bettina Wheeler: Helping you design your lifestyle, both physically and financially.

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